GM Awonder Liang

(14 years old)

Awonder Liang is an American chess prodigy and chess Grandmaster. At 14 years old, Awonder is currently the youngest chess grandmaster in the world and is one of the most impressive chess prodigies in recent history.

Awonder is the youngest person ever to defeat an International Master, at the age of 8 years and 118 days, and the youngest person ever to defeat a Grandmaster at the age of 9 years and 111 days. Awonder was the U8 World Champion in 2011 and the U10 World Champion in 2013. In addition he is the 2017 US Junior Champion.

Liang's newest record is one of many in his short career. He is the youngest USCF expert ever, was the youngest master ever, was the youngest international master ever, and is the youngest player ever to have defeated an international master and a grandmaster  - Source,